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Thank you so much for sending this report; I have added it to the website http://puttingchildrenfirst.eu/hr/ I also left a little of the information I copied from your website – I hope this is OK.

I think that the work you are doing is wonderful and your call for services to be “gender aware, accessible, empathic and empowering” is absolutely right. The Centre for Separated Families is, like you, trying to bring about changes so that support isn’t provided to just one parent. We have been working hard at this for 10 years but very little has changed.

I am delighted that we are in contact and I will send you any information that arises from the meeting. I hope also that we will be able to meet in the future.

My very best wishes to you and everyone at Udruga Dijete-razvod

Representative of Putting Children First

because supporting the whole family brings better outcomes for children…


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